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Bike and Golf
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When the world of golf embraces cycle tourism, Bike and Golf, a tourism product club, is born.
A new concept of integrated network which, through collaborations and partnerships between public and private entities, is able to give life to a tourist offer with a highly experiential content.

A network of companies and innovative projects linked to the world of sport, tourism, culture and food and wine of our territory, useful for creating a strong link with the tourist destination. We are waiting for you, Join the Club.

Bike And Golf

~ La forza del gruppo ~

Exclusive benefits of Bike and Golf


A corporate network for a quality tourism product whose strength lies in the collaboration between the subjects of the network to develop fruitful and winning synergies.

Commercial structure

At the base of the product club there is a solid dedicated commercial network, able to create profitable synergies for its affiliates.

Digital Marketing

Each affiliate will be able to take advantage of customized online and offline promotional campaigns, develop partnerships with industry micro influencers and receive expert advice and assistance.

Promotion and visibility

Exclusive Public Relations, event management and press office services.

Training and assistance

Each partner will receive training and assistance from industry experts to offer the best services to every cycle-tourist.

Strong growth markets

The EU cycle-tourism market is constantly growing and many trends confirm the potential. The project was born to convey this strong impulse within a new Product Club.

Efficient organization

The project staff is made up of professionals and managers with consolidated management experience.


Bike And Golf collaborates with the most important public entities, institutions and associations linked to the world of sport and tourism.

Bike And Golf

~ Evolve to win ~

A network to explore

The network offers the opportunity to join a corporate network aimed at creating a quality tourism system, initiating contacts and synergies between different realities and subjects, creating collaborations, optimizing resources, means, spaces and initiatives.

The aim is therefore to build destinations and proposals that know how to enhance the identity of places and create economic value thanks to the strength of aggregation.

Bike and Gof, Join the club!

Bike and Golf

Bike and Golf

Bike and Golf partners

Golf Club

The expansion of cycle tourism has led accommodation facilities to offer dedicated and exclusive services.
Thanks to its natural predisposition, the Golf Club is a candidate to be the ideal subject to meet the needs of this market.

Bike and Golf is at the service of those who want to seize this opportunity thanks to its many years of experience in the sector and to the network of companies. It offers its support in every aspect, from the rental service to the organization of dedicated tours or the creation of a bicycle workshop.

Business parteners

Designed for all companies that offer services for the tourism, cycle tourism and sports equipment sectors for a real product club.

Hotel and Bed & Breakfast

Bike and Golf is aimed at accommodation facilities interested in becoming bike-friendly structures as a real business opportunity by opening up to new markets.

Cultural and institutional organizations

Bike and Golf is aimed at cultural bodies and institutions wishing to promote and expand their network by creating new synergies.

Food and Beverage

The world of catering and the channel play a fundamental role in the construction of an original and sensory tourist offer.

Cycling Guides

Tourist guides are active partners of the Product Club as they are subject to direct contact with the tourist and main ambassadors of the territory and its characteristics.

Bike Rent

The technical offer of bicycle manufacturers and renters guarantees tourists a complete, attentive and well-finished service to better enjoy their experience.

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Bike And Golf

~ Evolve to win ~

Bike And Golf

Bike and Golf

From thirty years of consolidated experience in the world of sport, Bike and Golf takes the opportunity to develop sports tourism through the proposal of a system of integrated services tailored to the needs of cyclists.

Bike and Golf is an innovative, structured and effective business network for a team with enormous potential that finds a new way of experiencing experiential tourism in the neverending tourism trend.

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Bike and Golf è un club di prodotto e organizzatore turistico. Se sei un viaggiatore interessato, un provider di esperienze o una struttura ricettiva che vuole fare “rete”, non esitare a contattarci




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